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A Quadriplegic is one who is disabled in all four limbs, as a result of injury or illness (usually motor car accidents, violence, diving accidents, rugby injuries etc).

The degree of paralysis is determined by where the spinal chord is severed. For example, damage to the C4 cervical vertebra (closest to the neck) results in total paralysis from the neck down. Damage to the C6 vertebra results in paralysis from the neck down, but with partial movement of the arms, but no hand or finger co-ordination or control. Damage lower down to the spinal column results in paraplegia. A Quadriplegic is of sound mind, trapped in a functionless body.

A Quadriplegic needs to be washed, fed, dressed, and toileted. They require assistance from trained carers to see to these basic needs.


This is a House accommodating fourteen Quadriplegics which was founded in November 1994 by the late Andries Olivier, himself a Quadriplegic, (severed C4 cervical vertebra). The original house was in Kuils River and was known as Huis Andries Olivier. Now situated at 18 Hafele Street Durbanville (behind the Day Clinic) the centre is known as ANDRIES OLIVIER Durbanville Quadriplegic Centre.

The monthly cost to run such a House is extremely high. A monthly state subsidy is received but this only covers approximately 20% of the monthly expenses.  This means that regular fund-raising initiatives must be held in order to raise the balance of the funds required to keep the centre open. The 500 Club is one of our fund-raising projects.

We appeal to you to assist us with this worthy cause.

In so doing, you could win up to R 5 000.00

Support Our Club 500

Durbanville Quad Centre Club 500

Commit to a monthly donation of R50.00, arranged through debit order, stop order, and internet transfer or cash payment, as preferred. Annual payments are also acceptable.

(Lesser or greater donation are also acceptable, in which case prize money will be pro-rata or multi ticket based, respectively

Each month a lucky member will receive R500.00 to R5 000.00. (The winner will be notified telephonically).

download-entry-formMembership is limited to 500 and is open to all. A membership card will be issued to all members

Proceeds will be used towards the daily running of the House.

The project is professionally managed   by Multi   Data Debit collection system (A member of the Sanlam Group)

The House is a project of the QuadPara Association of the Western Cape and is a registered NPO & PBO.

Please complete the form on the back page and return to;

Brenton Swartz

Andries Olivier Durbanville Quadriplegic Centre

PO Box 3254

Durbanville, 7551

For more information contact:

Brenton Swartz at: Tel :(021) 975 5459     Cell: 072 293 1424


Durbanville Quadriplegic Centre

Durbanville Quad Centre

Please feel free to visit us anytime at 18 Hafele Road, Durbanville, 7550. If you would like more information about The Durbanville Quad Centre, please do not hesitate to contact us on quads@telkomsa.net