Backabuddy HAO

We have recently launched a Crowdfunding campaign on Backabuddy with the hope of raising enough money for a very important cause.

Our goal is to raise R70 000 for one month’s wages for our dedicated and hard working staff.

To be able to raise this amount of money would ensure that our Centre would remain somewhat financially viable for the remainder of the year. This would go a long way to keeping the Centre’s doors open and also to avoid drastic measures like reducing the amount of staff members which would make our and their lives virtually unbearable.

Our appeal is for donations anywhere from R100 to R1000. Of course, if a kind hearted soul donated the full R70 000 we would be over the moon, wheelchair and all.

Our campaign can be found at this link:

We thank for your time and consideration.

Durbanville Quad Centre

Please feel free to visit us anytime at 18 Hafele Road, Durbanville, 7550. If you would like more information about The Durbanville Quad Centre, please do not hesitate to contact us on